Side Hustle for Ep. 77 - Team Hustle #11: 2018 Year In Review (Season 2 Finale)


About the Episode

In our Ep. 77 Side Hustle:

This week we wrap up the season by discussing the show’s journey, our journeys and that of several returning guests: Writer & Producer, Alyssa Carter from Season 1, Poet & Screenwriter, Mike Tobias and Actor & Producer, Alexandra Boylan from Season 2.

With Team Hustle and three guests there is a lot that we talk about as we catch up on each other’s hustle, talk about the state of the industry and the changes coming to the show.

In this Side Hustle:

We decided to share out discussion about how we handle all of the things we are working on. How do we stay organized? How do we continue to move our hustle forward and stay focused on the goals while branching out? We discuss the difficulty of having several plates spinning at once and how things end up on the back burner.

Do not miss our full finale tomorrow, Tuesday November 13th to hear not only the latest on these amazing artists but, again, what is coming in Season 3 for the show.

Let the Hustle Begin!!