Side Hustle for Ep. 75 - 2nd Annual Halloween Special feat. Ashley and Todd Nunes


About the Episode

In our Ep. 75 Side Hustle for our Halloween Special:

The spirits move us In our newest episode as we are once again joined by brother and sister duo: the Director of Horrors, Todd Nunes and the Siren of Screams, Ashley Mary Nunes to indulge our fears in a new horror film commentary. Last year we enjoyed the horror classic “Halloween”, this year we chose a more modern classic, but we’ll leave you guessing on what film until our full episode tomorrow. To prepare for this scary fun episode we decided to revisit Ashley and Todd’s original interviews as a refresher course for long time listeners and a “get to know them” opportunity for new listeners:

First, we revisit Ashley’s origins, including a shocking reveal that happened during Ashley’s first interview. Then we hear about Ashley’s move to the City of Dreams, followed by what it’s like to work with her brother Todd.


Then, we switch over to Todd’s first interview where Todd discusses his newest film Death Ward 13 and how he continued to try and raise the bar of his work. Finally, Todd discusses what makes a great horror film killer and some insides on filming one of his first films “Scary Larry”.

Do not miss our full commentary tomorrow, Tuesday October 23rd to catch up with Todd and Ashley and enjoy a great scary film with Team Hustle & Friends

Let the Hustle Begin!!