Side Hustle for Ep. 71 - Act Two w/ Stand- Up Comedian, Eddie Furth

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About the Episode

In our Ep. 71 Side Hustle w/ Eddie Furth:

We are excited to bring to you the conclusion of our conversation with, Stand-Up Comedian & Actor, Eddie Furth.  Eddie started performing plays on the east coast, then quickly found a love and knack for Stand-Up Comedy.  Since that time Eddie has launched several incredibly popular shows in Los Angeles including his two longest running shows: Fictional Comedy Roasts and Historical Comedy Roast.

In this Side Hustle,

First, Eddie discusses his hustle after arriving in LA, including how he lived a frugal lifestyle and how he found clubs to perform.


Finally, we talk about how we all feel when we visit our hometowns and the feelings that we go through during those visits.

Let the Hustle Begin!!

Ep. 71 Act Two w/ Eddie Furth will be Available on Tuesday September 18th.