Ep. 75 - 2nd Annual Halloween Commentary Special w/ Ashley Mary & Todd Nunes: The Conjuring


About the Episode

Last year we set down with Brother/Sister duo Ashley Mary & Todd Nunes, Ashley is an actress and professional cosplayer who was featured in two episode in season one. Todd Nunes is a Writer/Director also featured in season one. We were able to sit with them last year to watch the original “Halloween”, this year we decided to move to a modern classic-to-be, “The Conjuring”.

We discuss some of the facts, not only behind the making of the film, but also behind the actually case the film is based on. We also get the chance to catch up with Ashley and Todd and see where there Hustle has taken them.

So grab some popcorn, pop on netflix and turn the lights out. We’re going to watch, “The Conjuring”.

Let the Hustle begin!!