Ep. 71 w/ Stand-Up Comedian, Eddie Furth - Act Two: A Tale of Two Roasts (and of LA)


About the Episode

This week we complete our fantastic conversation with our good friend, Stand-Up Comedian and Actor, Eddie Furth. Eddie started out performing plays on the east coast until he found a love, and knack, for Stand-Up Comedy.  Since that time Eddie has launched several incredibly popular shows in Los Angeles including his two longest running shows: Fictional Comedy Roasts and Historical Comedy Roast.

In Act Two with Eddie, we discuss his move and adjustment to life in LA, especially how the stand-up scene differs from west coast and east coast. We also discuss his struggles in life, from making ends meet to his health. Finally, we discuss two of Eddie’s most popular shows, “Historical Roast” and “Fictional Roast.

Eddie continues to be an inspiration for finding the thing that you love and pursuing it on all cylanders.

Let the Hustle Begin!!