Ep. 70 w/ Stand-Up Comedian, Eddie Furth - Act One: From Aladdin to DJ Bow-Tie


About the Episode

This week we want to introduce you to our good friend, Stand-Up Comedian and Actor, Eddie Furth. Eddie started out performing plays on the east coast until he found a love, and knack, for Stand-Up Comedy.  Since that time Eddie has launched several incredibly popular shows in Los Angeles including his two longest running shows: Fictional Comedy Roasts and Historical Comedy Roast.

In Act One with Eddie, we discuss growing up on the east coast, nurturing a love for performing and finding his true calling in Stand-Up Comedy.  We then learn about Eddie's move to Los Angeles and the challenge and hustle of pursuing Stand-Up Comedy there.

Eddie is funny, charming and completely open about his struggles, failures and successes.  Do not miss this funny and real journey of Eddie Furth. 

Let the Hustle Begin!!