Ep. 67 w/ Orange is the New Black's, Jason Altman - Act One: Meisner and Networking


About the Episode

We are excited to bring to you our first interview with an artist whose team found us.  There's no better feeling when others believe in and like the creative product you are putting out.  More than that, when they put their trust in your creation and you enough to want their talent on it.

That being said we were excited to talk to Stage & Screen Actor, Jason Altman.  Jason is a born and raised New Yorker who you probably have seen in several of your favorite shows including: White CollarThe FollowingThe Blacklist and most recently as the villainous, Herrman on Netflix's Orange is the New Black.

In Act One, we discuss Jason's beginnings, his relationship with his parents and how they each influenced not only his growth, but his strong, get out there and get it, work ethic.  We discuss his journey through school, how he discovered theater and how he decided after his first year of college to finally actively pursue acting as a living.  

Jason's story is not only a true testament of not giving up on your dream, but also how being a good person, networking and relationships can and will always be the best way to move forward in your career.

Do not miss the incredible journey and successes of Jason Altman!!