Ep. 65 - Act Two w/ Voice-Over Artist, Shelly Shenoy: Get Your Ass Out There and Do It Yourself!

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About the Episode

This week we continue our conversation with Shelly Shenoy.  Shelly is an incredibly accomplished voice over actress in multiple mediums and a fantastic Voice Over Coach.  She has worked on such shows as “Casper Scare School” where she has voiced over 25 characters. She’s also featured on TellTale’s The Walking Dead Video Game where she has also worked as their ”Loop Group” director on several games.  Recently she was the Vocal Director for the Netflix Animated Movie: Gnome Alone.

In Act Two you'll hear all about how Shelly adapted to life in New York City - finding work to support her acting career, joining the comedy troupe, "The Brothel", and utilizing the skills she gained in Young Americans to help grow the popularity of the troupe in and out of New York City.  

Finally, you'll hear about Shelly's struggle with finding representation, teaching her a new lesson that which would lead her to more opportunities then she'd have ever dreamed.  

Sit back, pop on some headphones and enjoy Act Two of our interview with Shelly Shenoy  

Let the Hustle Begin!!