Side Hustle for Ep. 64 w/ Shelly Shenoy


About the Episode

In our Ep. 64 Side Hustle w/ Shelly Shenoy:

This week we begin the second half of the season as we introduce you to the super talented Shelly Shenoy.  Shelly is an incredibly accomplished voice over actress in multiple mediums and a fantastic Voice Over Coach.  She has worked on such shows as “Casper the Friendly Ghost” where she has voiced over 25 characters. She’s also featured on TellTale’s The Walking Dead Video Game where she has also worked as their ”Loop Group” director on several games.  

Recently she was the Vocal Director for the Netflix Animated Movie: Gnome Alone. Shelly discusses moving around the country, making the big move from Ohio to New York, the amazing circumstances that moved her career forward and how she’s made sure to stay her own boss and take control of how her career evolves.

In this Side Hustle, we're going all the way back to when Shelly was trying to get into college, and how just when everything seemingly coming together - life threw her a curveball. And how she responded set her up on her path to success.

Let the Hustle Begin!!

Ep. 64 w/ Shelly Shenoy will be Available on Tuesday July 24th.