Ep. 59 - Team Hustle #8: Tales of Failure, Japan and Best Friends, feat. Team Hustle O.G., Kel Tirados


About the Episode

When Hollywood Hustle Podcast began, we released two episodes a week.  TWO EPISODES!!!  We were insane, well if the question, "Who was crazier, Don Quixote or Sancho Panza?" is accurate, than the true crazy one, was anyone who followed and enabled this crazy decision.  One of those crazy people was HHP original sound engineer, Kel Tirados.

This week we are bringing you a special Team Hustle Episode where Daniel gets to take a little break while Michael takes the reigns.  Michael takes a trip back to last year by interviewing Kel, not just a former team member, but, a longtime friend of Michael's.  

Kel is an entrepreneur, fantastic editor and an all around great guy who packed up his life and moved all the way to Japan. Michael and Kel talk about finding friendship through community theatre, Kel's passion for music and film, the lessons he learned that drove (or flew him) to embrace his dream of moving to Japan and a lot more.  Do not miss this inside look into one of the OG Members of Team Hustle, Kel Tirados.