Hustle Replay: Ep. 51 - Team Hustle #7: Inside Podcasting

Ep 51 Replay .jpg

About the Episode

While we are still on our holiday hiatus, Michael and Daniel wanted to look back on this season and each take turns picking an episode or series that impacted them the most. First up is Michael’s pick.

Earlier this season we had the privalidge of interviewing three of the minds behind the incredible podcast “Inside Acting Podcast”, Co-Hosts AJ Meijer & Trevor Algatt as well as the former head of Marketing and PR, Grace Gordon. We ended this series with an amazing, SUPER-SIZED Team Hustle/IAP crossover episode where Michael, Daniel, Trevor & AJ set down to discuss the most obvious of topics, Podcasting.

As the name suggests, we break down the science of podcasting.  The Do’s, the Dont’s, the questions you should consider when starting a show, and the lessons we have learned during our own podcast journeys.

From the informative to the very personal, this episode is one that you do NOT want to miss. Enjoy this look back on Season 2 as we work towards a fantastic Season 3, premiering in January,

Daniel Tuttel