Ep. 56 - Interns and LGBTQ Representation in Media w/ Beth Ryne

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About the Episode

This week we continue our conversation with Casting Associate and Documentary Filmmaker, Beth Ryne.  Beth has worked on several shows including Netflix's Altered Carbon and Amazon's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.  Recently Beth stepped a little closer to the camera by creating and directing her first documentary film, Feeling Seen.  

In Act Two our Producer Michael Lutheran joins Beth and Daniel for an exciting roundtable discussion.  The three discuss the importance of gaining experience by starting at the bottom, How to go from un-paid intern to paid employee.  They discuss Beth's upcoming documentary Feeling Seen, which discusses the impact of film and televisions' previous representation of lesbians which is followed by a deeper conversation about LGBTQ representation in media, bullying and finding peace with you.  

Finally and we talk about our favorite casts of all time in TV and Film.

Do not miss the conclusion of our conversation with Beth, that we guarantee will touch anyone with a working heart.

You can donate to Beth's amazing documentary, "Feeling Seen", here: https://tinyurl.com/y8k6ycwk


Daniel Tuttel