Ep. 63 - Team Hustle #9: The Halfway There Check-In


About the Episode

We are back from our holiday break and half-way through season two of the show.  We have had some great episodes so far this year, including some fun and different Team Hustle Episodes.  We ate gross jelly beans with Mike Tobias, we discussed the ins and outs of podcasting with the hosts of "Inside Acting Podcast" and we delve deeper into our own team with the interview with our former Sound Engineer, Kel Tirados.

Now, we felt it was time to take a breath, get back to basics and check in with the journey of our hosts, Daniel Tuttel and Michael Lutheran.  

Michael and Daniel discuss their general thoughts on our most recent interviews this season and, with the help of a listener message, come to the realization of a forming theme this season.  Our Hustle Heroes share more about where they are with their journeys this year, career-wise and delving deep into how the hustle can cause some emotional whirlwinds.  

So, sit back, relax grab a cold drink and a comfy blanket and check in with Daniel and Michael in this halfway point Team Hustle.