Ep. 58 - Collaborate and Listen w/ Meghan & Jillian from Boss, Please Podcast


About the Episode

We are back with a brand new edition as we continue our chat with Host, Model and Podcaster, Meghan Lamontagne and we are joined by TWO more radical peeps.  Show producer Michael Lutheran and one of Meghan's "Boss, Please" co-hosts and Editorial Manager of Perez Hilton, Jillian Leff.  

This week we talk about using the podcast medium to empower others.  We also go into a deep conversation about the #MeToo Movement and how we can all work to make change for the better.  The conversation gets deep with several great opinions and a great example of active listening to those with different views then yourself.  A great and eye opening conversation.  

Finally we talk about finding your role in a collaboration and how sometimes it can be a lot simpler than you think.  Do not miss this fun, informative and deep conversation with the ladies of "Boss, Please", Meghan Lamontagne and Jillian Leff

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