Ep. 57 - Twirling, Hosting and Branding Like A Boss w/ Meghan Lamontagne


About the Episode

This week we are excited to introduce you to the incredibly positive, hard working, and talented, Meghan Lamontagne.  Meghan came to la la land from Pelham NH, but she did not come here to be a Actor, a screenwriter, or even a Director.  She came her to Host and she is damn good at it.

From the “Pretty little liars” after show, her own Mega-Boss blogs and videos, working for disney and NASCAR, to currently being one of the three hosts of the fantastic female empowerment podcast, “Boss, Please”

Meghan has truly worked her craft and proven how Boss your hustle can be.  So do not miss Act One with Meghan Lamontagne and check out "Boss, Please" Podcast on itunes, Spotify and IHeartRadio.