Ep. 62 - Act Two, Bullying and Best Friends w/ Streets' Gigi Cesare ft. her BFF Charlotte


About the Episode

This Week we continue our exploration of the perspective of entertainment through the point of view of varying ages.  Last year we brought you the journey of 8 year old, Izzie Coffey, who supported in the blockbuster hit, Split.  

This year we are bringing you 12 Year Old Gigi Cesare.  She has been in several films, including her stand out hits, The Kids from Planet 62-F and Street.  She is a recording artist as well as a social media influencer and an advocate against bullying.

In Act Two Gigi Cesare and Daniel are joined by Michael and one of Gigi’s closest friends, Charlotte, for a fantastic roundtable discussion about the impact artists can make by using their voice to Inspire change, knowing what's best for you and they dig deep and share their views on bullying.

Gigi and her friend share so much great knowledge and advice, we can't wait to share it with you.  Do not miss the fresh view of the business and the hustle through a different generation.