Ep. 60 - The Social Media Hustle w/ Buffer's Brian G. Peters


About the Episode

This week we enter, THE FUTURE!!!  We are finally bringing you the first interview we ever recorded (even before last week's Team Hustle interview) between two different time zones!!  We are moving on up.

We want to introduce you to the Digital Marketing Strategist for the scheduling and posting platform, Buffer, Brian G. Peters.  Brian is also the host of the popular Buffer podcast The Science of Social media, where Brian and his Co-Host, Hailley, break down news, analytical reports and anything else social media.  Brian has led talks at several conference and has taught workshops, including a popular online course on the website, SkillShare.  

We discuss  Brian's journey to his focus on Digital Marketing and Social Media.  We talk about what he finds fascinating about social media, his joinery to working and the responsibilities he takes on for buffer and what it's like to have a job where you can literally make your office anywhere.  We also interrogate, con and squeeze all kinds of tips, advice and thoughts on how YOU can improve your social media hustle.

You do not want to miss this educational episode, focusing on something that's becoming more and more relevant and important in any person's hustle.

Check out Brian's podcast "The Science of Social Media" on iTunes.