Side Hustle for Ep. 61 w/ Gigi Cesare

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About the Episode

In our Ep. 61 Side Hustle w/ Gigi Cesare:

We continue our exploration of the perspective of entertainment through the point of view of varying ages.  Last year we brought you the journey of 8 year old, Izzie Coffey, who supported in the blockbuster hit, Split.  

This year we are bringing you 12 Year Old Gigi Cesare.  She has been in several films, including her stand out hits, The Kids from Planet 62-F and Street.  She is a recording artist as well as a social media influencer and an advocate against bullying.

First you'll hear about Gigi's approach to auditioning, her story about going out for the role of 11 for Stranger Things, and then her process to building the role.

Then we share her perspective of dealing with bullies at her school,


Finally, we'll be closing out today with Gigi's take on how she maintains balance - between school, life, and career.

Let the Hustle Begin!!

Ep. 61 w/ Gigi Cesare will be Available on Tuesday June 26th. Check out Gigi's Movies and Music on iTunes and Spotify