Side Hustle for Ep. 60 w/ Buffers' Brian G. Peters

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About the Episode

In our Ep. 60 Side Hustle w/ Buffer's Brian G. Peters:

We want to introduce you to the Digital Marketing Strategist for the scheduling and posting platform, Buffer, Brian G. Peters. Brian is also the host of the popular Buffer podcast The Science of Social media, where Brian and his Co-Host, Hailley, break down news, analytical reports and anything else social media. Brian has led talks at several conference and has taught workshops, including a popular online course on the website, SkillShare.

You're going to hear about how Brian moved and thrived in 8 cities over the course of a year and a half, and he offers some amazing tips for those thinking of moving their life to a new market.

Then you'll hear Brian's take on the notion of those striving to become "Insta-famous" through social media.

He offers some incredible advice on approaching the "documentation" aspect of life on social media by looking at it as a storyboard to your life.


I'm we're going to share with you some "Behind the Scenes" audio that isn't going to make it into our final interview

Let the Hustle Begin!!

Ep. 60 w/ Brian G. Peters will be Available on Tuesday June 19th. Check out Brian's podcast "The Science of Social Media" on iTunes.