Side Hustle for Ep. 59 w/ Team Hustle O.G., Kel Tirados

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About the Episode

In our Ep. 59 Side Hustle w/ Team Hustle O.G., Kel Tirados:

We will take you back to when Hollywood Hustle Podcast began, when we released two episodes a week.  TWO EPISODES!!!  We were insane, well if the question, "Who was crazier, Don Quixote or Sancho Panza?" is accurate, than the true crazy one, was anyone who followed and enabled this crazy decision.  One of those crazy people was HHP original sound engineer, Kel Tirados.

First you'll hear a funny story of Kel trying to get me to audition for our high school's drumline but how failure can lead you towards what you're really passionate about.

Then you'll hear about Kel's passion for filmmaking and the struggles that he went through as he tried to navigate that path.


Finally, Kel shares some amazing advice on living outside of your comfort zone, and how important it is to always be learning.

Let the Hustle Begin!!

Team Hustle #8: A Chat with Team Hustle O.G., Kel Tirados will be Available on Tuesday June 12th.