Ep. 52 - How to Use Art to Improve Your Community w/ Moon McMillan and Sir

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About the Episode

We are seeing something rise up in the youth in America.  Standing up, speaking out, building movements and outlets for change.

Today we have one of those youths on the show.  Moon McMillan is a 19 year old Actor, writer and singer living in Compton, CA.  She also is the founder of the film outreach program, "Young Moviemakers of America".  A program that provides workshops for youths to teach them how to the THEIR stories through film.  Moon has found ways to partner with companies and reach out and grab the attention of those who have inspired her, like Ava DuVernay and Jordan Peele for assistance, support and wisdom. 

We talk to Moon about her journey through the arts, finding her passion, dealing with being the only person of color in a film class with unique stories to tell.  We talk about music, her program and a huge inspiration for her, Grey's Anatomy.

Finally, our producer Michael Lutheran and Moon's Brother, Sir, join the conversation to discuss how surroundings impact your life and how you can impact your surroundings and those close to you.

Do not miss this powerful conversation.  So, grab your camera, your laser pointer and your "Seattle Grace is My Hospital" shirt and enjoy our conversation with Moon McMillan and Sir.

Daniel Tuttel