Ep. 50 - Act Two with AJ Meijer: How to Show Up to Your Art

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About the Episode

Wow!!  We have hit episode 50!!  We can't even believe it, but we are incredibly grateful to still be bringing amazing stories from those looking to live their dreams.  Thank you for sticking with us these last fifty episodes and for sticking with us through the next fifty!  We love you all.

AJ talks to Daniel about meeting his "Inside Acting Podcast" co-host Trevor Algatt and saying yes to the opportunity to how IAP when Trevor asked.  Delve a little into how IAP works, how they formed the team they currently have, what it's like working with a group of people in a creative collaboration and interviewing some of the knowledgable guests that they have had on the show.

Daniel and AJ also discuss working on creating a healthy morning routine, how AJ defines "success" as well as AJ "Digital Actor" workshops.  Finally they cover how AJ handles struggles including the struggles on LA life.

Do not miss this fantastic conclusion to our interview with AJ Meijer.


Daniel Tuttel