Ep. 48 - Actress/Model Grace Gordon, Act Two

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About the Episode

Are you a Michigan 10 or a Los Angeles 3?  Are you eating enough, too much, carbs, sugars, Kale, Kale, KALE?!?!?  These questions can be just as gross as Kale as Daniel and Grace continue their conversation, discussing the topic of Beauty, Health & the changing views of both.  Daniel and Grace talk about their personal experiences fighting their own body images, including bullying, stress and the cost of "looking the part."  The topic of the cost of fitness and health are brought up, discussing the idea that "it's cheaper to be fat".

Grace and Daniel also discuss books and the power they hold to transform lives.  Where they started the journey in the world of imagination ignited by books, how books have inspired them, motivated them and taught them lessons they carry to this day.  They also discuss the concept that "audiobooks are less then reading the physical book." 

Do not miss this personal look at beauty and the struggle to appease society as well as a joyful celebration for reading and the power of literature.

Grab a good book, or audible, and don't miss Act Two with Grace Gordon.


Daniel Tuttel