Ep. 47 - Actress/Podcaster Grace Gordon, Act One


About the Episode

Recently Daniel worked in a feature film with former guest on the show Curt Mega and Photographer Eric Carroll.  At one of the shoots Daniel had the chance to meet a beautiful human being, fantastic actress and fellow podcaster, Grace Gordon.  Other than having a kick-ass, comic book-type name, Grace has been acting since she was a wee lass living in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, Grace quit school at 15 to fully pursue an artistic life.  She started booking several jobs around Philly while working in a unique bookstore.  She also started a book themed podcast called the "Book Jawn Podcast".  

Grace recently celebrated her milestone one year anniversary and is definitely on the right track in LA.  Since moving here she has continued booking gigs, practicing her craft, reading any book she can get her hands on, producing her own sizzle reel for a possible future acting gig and truly loving every minute of living out her dream.

Do not miss this amazing interview series with the gracious and fierce, Grace Gordon.


Daniel Tuttel