Ep. 45 - Inside Acting's Trevor Algatt, Act One


About the Episode

When we started this podcast we set out to find the real stories of those struggling, those hustling, those putting all of themselves to find themselves and their own path.  We have had so many fantastic Interviews in the last 44 episodes.  This week we find ourselves elevated to a whole new level of conversation.

Daniel set down with Actor, V.O. Coach, Activist and Co-Host of the podcast, "Inside Acting", Trevor Algatt, and it is almost hard to put the power of this interview into words.  We discuss Trevor's beginnings in theater and the arts.  His love for swimming and how he challenged himself to continually be the best.  We also discuss the idea of "being in transition", moving on from one part of your life and exploring the next.  This is one of the most moving parts of any conversation we have had.

We truly hope you will take the time to listen to the wisdom and thoughts shared by Trevor in this powerful and moving interview.  Get ready for the feels and enjoy.

Daniel Tuttel