Ep. 44 - Team Hustle #6: Bean Boozled Challenge (w/Mike Tobias)


About the Episode

We finish the "Marathon of Mike's" with a fun (and gross) filled Team Hustle.  Daniel and Michael are not alone, they are joined by special guest, Mike Tobias.  Daniel apparently was hit in the head and thought it'd be fun to torture himself and his friends with several challenges where the losers must test their luck with a box of "Bean Boozled" Jelly beans.  The guys play: "Never Have I Ever", "Random Trivia" and more to find out who eats a bean each round.  Michael scream in horror, does Mike ever get a good bean or does Daniel cry. You'll have to listen to find out.

The blue bean could be Blue Berry or Toothpaste, the white bean could be coconut or spoiled milk, you won't know until you eat the bean. Enjoy?

Daniel Tuttel