Ep. 42 - Buffering's Mike Tobias, Act One

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About the Episode

We are back with a NEW episode this week!

Our newest guest is one of Daniel's best friends (and enemies) from Texas, Mike Tobias.  Mike Tobias is an incredibly well-read and knowledgable Producer, Writer, and Poet.  He co-created, Produced and wrote the very popular Web-Series, "Buffering", starring previous guest, and friend of the show, Curt Mega.  Co-wrote an award winning short film, "American Dynasty" and published a collection book of poems titled, "A Place Where Runaways Hide."

We discuss Mike's journey from Arlington, Texas, where he developed a love of acting, improv and sketch comedy, all the way to Los Angeles and how he and his friends hit the ground running to begin their Hollywood Hustle.  We discuss the creation of a web series from concept to execution, the prides and pains of producing a project, what led him to poetry and how he balances all of his goals.  Oh, Mike also designs websites, like ours, anyone else feel like they're not doing enough.  Don't feel bad, we do too.  Mike shares his love of all of his passions and it will inspire you to finally make, write, start that thing you've been holding off. 

Watch the first episode of "Buffering" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2jv_zt2c8s

Purchase Mike's Collection of Poetry here: https://tinyurl.com/y7xbl8mz

Daniel Tuttel