Ep. 33 - Horror Director, Todd Nunes, Act One


About the Episode

Todd Nunes has been hustling towards his filmmaking dream for over 20 years.  He has worked hard to make his dreams come true and to do what he loves.  He has directed and written horror films such as: Scary LarryAll Through the House and the upcoming Death Ward 13.  Todd is the definition of why we started this podcast.  He has scraped and tirelessly worked to make the films he loves.

In "Act One" we discuss Todd's relationship with his sister and former guest Ashley Mary Nunes.  We discuss his journey from Vacaville, CA to Los Angeles, going to school to learn how to create what he loves, and how he always kept writing.  We discuss making his first film outside of school, Scary Larry, all the way to his newest film Death Ward 13.  We talk the horror genre, making a film on a small budget and gaining a loyal crew.  All of this and so much more.  Trust me, this is scary good.

Daniel Tuttel