Ep. 31 - Split's Izzie Coffey, Act One


About the Episode

Izzie Coffey began her career in the spotlight as a young model in GA and FL.  From Modeling she found a love for performing which lead her (and her mother) all the way to LA.  Most recently Izzie was seen in M. Night Shyamalan's "Split" playing a 5 year old Casey.  She has also been in several other commercials and movies including "Bad Girl" and "Cargo".  The first thing you notice about Izzie is her positivity and professionalism.  She is on and ready to go when it's time, but always ready to relax and have a laugh and some fun.

In Act One, Daniel sits down with Izzie to discuss growing up in a small town in GA, getting into modeling, and eventually moving to LA.  They also discuss how her family has supported her, how she took to acting and why she loves it so much.  Of course they discuss her role in split, the fast turn around from casting to on set how she remains a kind in this very professional and sometimes stressful business and her three tips for other kids wanting to get into the business.  Izzie was so amazing to talk to.  Her perspective on acting and LA is something you do not want to miss, so, don't.

Daniel Tuttel