Ep. 30 - Cinematographer Marcus Friedlander & Director Nick Smith from Leading Lobos Productions, Act Two


About the Episode

In Act Two, we continue our conversation with Marcus Friedlander and Nick Smith, the founders of the L.A. based production company "Leading Lobos", this time we are joined by Producer Michael Lutheran.  In this episode we discuss the role film plays in our lives and why it is such a crucial art form in providing a safe space to initiate important conversations. Marcus and Nick speak on why Los Angeles is still VERY relevant in the world of production in Film and Television. Finally, we go around the table to share our Favorite movies, least favorite film, and those movies that we love despite what others say of the "so bad, it's good" variety.  So silence your cell phone, grab some popcorn and enjoy this exciting new episode with "Leading Lobos"

Daniel Tuttel