Ep. 26 - Cosplayer/Actress Ali Williams, Act One


About the Episode

Ali Williams started her Journey in Florida working as a model, from there she started working on camera and stage.  Somewhere down the line she realized the camera was her home.  So, she worked her butt off, sold her car and moved from the east coast to the west coast.  Here Ali has found success as an actress comfortable with her own style and making sure everyone knows who she is.  She has also become a popular professional cosplayer as well as an entrepreneur with her company "Princess and Me Parties".  Parties that teach kids manners, confidence and so much more.

In "Act One" Ali discusses her beginnings as a model and actor in Florida, why she decided to shift from theater to film and how hard she worked to prepare to move to LA. We talk about her first few experiences in LA, including a great run on “Let’s Make a Deal”, then Ali shares stories of getting her first agents and roles.  Finally we discuss Cosplay and the various reactions they recieve, Ali’s company “Princess and Me Parties” and self-branding, something Ali does very well. So,  put on your favorite costume, get your hashtags ready and enjoy this fantastic interview with the energetic and positive, Ali Williams.

Daniel Tuttel