Ep. 25 - Casting Producer Jazz Trice, Act Two

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About the Episode

In "Act Two" Hollywood Hustle Producer, Michael Lutheran, sits down with Jazz and Daniel for a fun and passionate round-table discussion.  First they discuss the need for Community support for the arts.  How important is a strong foundation to nurture and motivate someone to follow their passions?  What is it like to grow up in areas with very little, any support for the arts?  Next, we discuss the "Golden Age of Television", from "Lost" to "Breaking Bad, from Damon Lindelof to Shonda Rhimes we talk about it all.  What it means for Television's future and what could possibly come next.  Finally, we talk about how dreams can turn out not to be what you truly want.  How passions and career choices can evolve in change, sometimes in a moment.  All of that and so much more in this fantastic second act.  

Daniel Tuttel