Ep. 24 - Casting Producer Jazz Trice, Act One


About the Episode

Jazz Trice journey'd from VA to Northern California until finally landing in LA.  Moving to LA to pursue acting, Jazz eventually found that he had a knack for casting.  This time we venture into the realm of reality TV.  Jazz is currently working on such shows as A&E’s Intervention, Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian on E!, and FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen.  Not only is Jazz a genuinely nice guy and hard worker but he has an amazing talent of bringing out the best stories of people and helping others see the interesting stories in their own lives.

In "Act One" with Jazz we discuss Jazz's travels.  Balancing life as an actor and an athlete in school and what he learned from Track & Field that he still carries with him today.  We talk about his ventures into playwriting and directing, then of course the big move to Los Angeles with Hollywood Hustle's own Michael Lutheran.  From there we learn what helped Jazz survive in LA and how he found a calling in Casting.  Finally we delve behind the scenes of some of TV's most popular reality shows and how they find the unique characters millions of people just can't get enough of.  No one's voted off the island or evicted from a house, but the reality of this episode is that it is worth more then one listen.

Daniel Tuttel