Ep. 19 - Disciples of Babylon's Eric Knight, Act One

About the Episode

Eric Knight was born and raised in Miami, FL and was surrounded by music from the beginning.  His father played and managed bands and Eric followed right behind.  Since then Eric has fronted various bands including his current band "Disciples of Babylon" which is on a quick rise in the world of music.  Along with his Talent Management company "Persistent Management", Eric stays busy in the word he loves the most, music.

In "Act One" Daniel discusses growing up in Miami, discovering music and developing fake personas so people would take himself seriously as a manager.  We also discuss moving to LA, his love of music, how he's grown as a musician and his new band "Disciples of Babylon".  Eric shares several great stories of persistence, hard work and how it can all pay off in the end.  We promise this episode will make you rock and roll.

Daniel Tuttel