Ep. 17 - Director/Writer Josh Auter, Act One

About the Episode

Josh Auter was born and raised right outside of Chicago, IL.  He eventually moved to Las Vegas for several years before he finally made it "home" to Los Angeles.  Josh has loved movies his whole life, even sneaking some views of some not-so "child friendly" films when he was  kid.  After moving through a few jobs and hobbies including forming a punk band, Josh finally decided to embrace his dream of being a part of his greatest love, movies.  Now Josh has written and directed several of his own films, one of which was just in the "Dances with Films" festival in LA

In "Act One" Daniel talks to Josh about growing up outside of Chicago and in Las Vegas.  We discuss how film and music helped Josh branch out from his usual introvert-self and discover the artist with in.  Josh shares how he met his wife and how they started and run their production company "Auter Theory Productions".  We discuss several of Josh's films, his process, and of course how he survives the city he now calls "home" LA.

Daniel Tuttel