Ep. 15 - CONfessional's Jon Christie, Act One

About the Episode

Jon Christie is an Actor/Writer/Director moved from Daniel's hometown of Dallas, Texas where he had already written and produced several plays and even started his own Theatre Production Company.  After moving to LA Jon produced his first LA based theatrical production, "Happy No Year".  He recently released his first webseries that he helped create, wrote, directed and performed in entitled, "CONfessionals".

In "Act One", after brushing off an attempted take over by Curt Mega and "Story Matters", Daniel and Jon discuss growing up in Texas, playing basketball, being home-schooled and discovering the world of theatre for the first time.  We talk about how he discovered and nurtured his creative side, his first roles and successes, and then his move to Los Angeles.  We also discuss surviving LA, producing his own works and his new creative achievement, the web-series, ""CONfessionals".  There's a lot of truth and a lot of laughs in this one folks, enjoy!!

Daniel Tuttel