Side Hustle 2.0 for Ep. 78: "Unbreakable" Commentary and New Year Resolutions!


About the Episode

This week we bring you our first episode of 2019 in the form of our first Side Hustle 2.0!!!

After premiering our Side Hustle episodes last year and Michael doing an incredible job with them, we wanted to begin utilizing them better in the overall structure of our show.

In this Side Hustle:

We discuss our new season and the changes we are making to our release schedule, our side hustle episodes and to our interview episodes. All for the better.


Michael and Daniel share updates on their journey, what is currently inspiring their Hustle including 2 books and a YouTuber!!

For the Main Topic:

Daniel and Michael stare 10 of their 19 for 2019 New Year’s Resolutions!! They range from Professional to Personal. We hope they inspire you to share your goals and resolutions for this year.


We offer a preview for next week’s “Unbreakable” Commentary, including Daniel and Michael’s guesses and hopes of what they’ll see in the upcoming sequel, “Glass”.

Enjoy our first Side Hustle 2.0!!!

Now, Let the Hustle Begin….