Episodes 1 & 2: Actor/Podcaster Curt Mega

Our very first episodes features Nick from "Glee" and Ben Little from the web series "Buffering.  The very talented Curt Mega.  

In "Act One" Daniel and Curt discuss his path to LA, the ups and downs, the auditions and disappointments, and everything from "Glee" to "Story Matters with Curt Mega".  

In "Act Two" Michael joins Daniel and Curt for a roundtable discussion about being open to opportunities, casting directors, food, collaboration and more food. 

Team Hustle.JPG

Episodes 3 & 4: Team Hustle #1: Meet Team Hustle

Now we introduce you to our Hosts Only series or as we will be calling them "Team Hustle" episodes.  In these episodes Daniel and Michael will discuss a theme or a topic, revealing more about their lives and personal Hustles.  Then in "Act Two" they will choose a fun game or challenge to bring a smile and some laughs to those listening.

In "Act One" of this series Daniel and Michael discuss their top 5 favs of LA.  From Beaches and Farmers Markets to Creative energy and the spontaneity of collaboration, Daniel and Michael will definitely give you some ideas to put on that trip itinerary.  

In "Act Two" the guys decided to see how much they knew about each other by taking a "How Well Do You Know Your Partner?" Quiz.  The conclusion: Not Much, but at least they got a lot a laughs out of it and so new nicknames.  Enjoy!


Episodes 5 & 6: Theater Managing Director Jessica Hanna

Jessica Hanna is the Co-Founder and Managing Producing Director of the Los Angeles based Bootleg Theater who moved to LA by herself from Chicago to pursue acting, but does so much more now.

In "Act One", Daniel and Jessica discuss New York, Chicago and of course Los Angeles.  They also talk about what makes great theater and how you can establish and run your very own theater.  

"Act Two" is a little different since as Michael is not involved in this discussion, *Insert Sad Face Here*, since we were still discovering how "Act Two" should be structured.  Not to worry though, Daniel and Jessica still bring you knowledge about settling in when you move to LA, finding inspiration in the city while watching your emotional health and discuss the theater scenes in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Enjoy!!



Episodes 7 & 8: Magician Joel Ward

Joel Ward is a comedy Magician who has been practicing and developing his magical craft since he was six years old.  He has performed magic all over the world including: South America, Europe and China.  He has also performed for several celebrities, several television shows and has consulted on several films.  

In "Act One", Daniel and Joel discuss his journey from San Diego to Los Angeles, running a party magic business when Joel was a kid, performing in front of giant crowds vs smaller crowds, booking gigs, how international crowds differ, and consulting for TV shows and Films.  It's a Magical Journey, don't miss it.

In "Act Two", H.H. Producer, Michael, join Daniel and Joel to discuss Joel's agents, the creative energy of Los Angeles and how imagination and creativity form a loop.  Daniel, Michael and Joel will each discuss their processes for attacking a project, and of course we talk about the historic "Magic Castle".  Who makes it on the list?  Who doesn't?  Find out in this imagination fueled episode.  We also announce the winner of our "Week 1 Launch Review Contest" Enjoy!

Kim Tillman.jpeg

Episodes 9 & 10: Singer/Songwriter Kim Tillman

It's Back to Back San Diegans, Diego's, Diegogos?  Ether way, we sit down with San Diego native, musician, Kim Tillman.  Starting from playing a Casio keyboard by herself to rocking a guitar in front of large crowds, we discuss Kim's Journey from San Diego, through San Francisco, to finally settling in Los Angeles.  Kim is a musician who does not only love music itself but the power music has to affect people.

 In "Act One", Daniel and Kim discuss her journey to Los Angeles, the sacrifices it takes to not only get better, but to move forward as a musician in LA.  We talk about her first Album, "An Ark", the struggles of recording it, the pain of losing the computer all your work is saved on, and trying to fund your passions through crowdfunding.  Kim is an amazing storyteller and that is the heart of these interviews.   

In "Act Two", Michael joins Daniel and Kim to discuss the music scene in LA and musical collaboration.  Does it hurt or help your brand and growth.  We also talk about how to keep yourself healthy, mentally and emotionally.  How important that is and why.  Finally, we discuss what it takes to settle into this city, how relevant songs about LA still are and Kim takes the infamous "MySpace Quiz" Enjoy!!


Episodes 11 & 12: Actress/Cosplayer Ashley Mary Nunes

Ashley Mary Nunes has ran from psychos, fought robots, and protected the world as a Woman of Wonder.  Actress, Scream Queen and Cosplayer, Ashley Mary Nunes's hustle casts a wide net over LA and full of several entertaining and unique stories and lessons. 

In "Act One", Daniel and Ashley discuss her career as a Juvenile Case Worker before pursuing acting full time, her move to LA over several visits, fighting Robots on Syfy's "Robot Combat League" officially making her the coolest mom at her son's school.  We also delve into how Ashley uses social media to promote herself and her hustle, working in the horror genre with her brother Todd and how it feels to be labeled a "Scream Queen".  Do not miss this energetic and heroic-filled episode.

In "Act Two", Daniel, Ashley and Michael discuss the evolution of the horror genre and if the current product goes too far.  Typecasting is discussed where we ask, "Does it only happen to actors?" and  "Is it a good thing, a bad thing or whatever you make it."  Finally they discuss the world of Superheroes and what they mean to us and society in general.  We geek out about Superman, Smallville, Batman and of course Wonder Woman,  Enjoy!!



Episodes 13 & 14 : Team Hustle #2

It's another "Team Hustle" series this week.  Usually "Act One" focuses on a topic chosen by Daniel and Michael for them to discuss and "Act Two" Daniel and Michael compete in some sort of game.  Well due to "Act One" falling on a holiday we decided to bring the game first and the discussion second.

With that said in "Act One" Daniel and Michael quiz each other on their favorite Superhero.  Daniel representing Superman and Michael representing Batman, the two will try to trip the other competitor up to see which superman will reign supreme and who will be sent to the Phantom Zone.  It's Team SuperBeard vs Team BatScoops in this fun filled episode.


Episodes 15 & 16 : Actor/ Writer Jon Christie

Jon Christie is an Actor/Writer/Director moved from Daniel's hometown of Dallas, Texas where he had already written and produced several plays and even started his own Theatre Production Company.  After moving to LA Jon produced his first LA based theatrical production, "Happy No Year".  He recently released his first webseries that he helped create, wrote, directed and performed in entitled, "CONfessionals".

In "Act One", after brushing off an attempted take over by Curt Mega and "Story Matters", Daniel and Jon discuss growing up in Texas, playing basketball, being home-schooled and discovering the world of theatre for the first time.  We talk about how he discovered and nurtured his creative side, his first roles and successes, and then his move to Los Angeles.  We also discuss surviving LA, producing his own works and his new creative achievement, the web-series, ""CONfessionals".  There's a lot of truth and a lot of laughs in this one folks.

In "Act Two" our Producer, Michael, joins the Daniel and Jon for a nice roundtable of topics.  The guys go into more detail about Crowdfunding, offering tips, suggestions, and sharing what it's like to run a campaign.  They also discuss relationships in LA,  comparing being in a relationship with someone in the entertainment business as well with being in a relationship who wants nothing to do with it.  The guys also share tips on things to do to relax and escape the craziness of Los Angeles.  Get your pens and paper ready, because this stuff, you'll want to write down.  Enjoy!!


Episodes 17 & 18 : Director/Writer Josh Auter

Josh Auter was born and raised right outside of Chicago, IL.  He eventually moved to Las Vegas for several years before he finally made it "home" to Los Angeles.  Josh has loved movies his whole life, even sneaking some views of some not-so "child friendly" films when he was  kid.  After moving through a few jobs and hobbies including forming a punk band, Josh finally decided to embrace his dream of being a part of his greatest love, movies.  Now Josh has written and directed several of his own films, one of which was just in the "Dances with Films" festival in LA

In "Act One" Daniel talks to Josh about growing up outside of Chicago and in Las Vegas.  We discuss how film and music helped Josh branch out from his usual introvert-self and discover the artist with in.  Josh shares how he met his wife and how they started and run their production company "Auter Theory Productions".  We discuss several of Josh's films, his process, and of course how he survives the city he now calls "home" LA.

In "Act Two" our Producer, Michael, joins the conversation as we talk with Josh about finding your voice and style in LA and how it's always evolving.  We discuss the pros and cons of filming in Los Angeles as an indie filmmaker and we discuss the ever feared full time job.  How do you stay connected to your passion while working forty hours a week?  How do you stay focused on your dream?  All of this and more. Enjoy!



Episodes 19 & 20 :Disciples of Babylon’s Eric Knight

Eric Knight was born and raised in Miami, FL and was surrounded by music from the beginning.  His father played and managed bands and Eric followed right behind.  Since then Eric has fronted various bands including his current band "Disciples of Babylon" which is on a quick rise in the world of music.  Along with his Talent Management company "Persistent Management", Eric stays busy in the word he loves the most, music.

In "Act One" Daniel discusses growing up in Miami, discovering music and developing fake personas so people would take himself seriously as a manager.  We also discuss moving to LA, his love of music, how he's grown as a musician and his new band "Disciples of Babylon".  Eric shares several great stories of persistence, hard work and how it can all pay off in the end.  We promise this episode will make you rock and roll.

In "Act Two" Michael joins Daniel and Eric to discuss the power of music and how it not only affects us individually but how it can be the voice for society.  The guys discuss the LA's cultural melting pot.  How the many cultures influence and inspire artists in the city.  We also discuss how music has changed over the years, is it better, is it worse, or is it just different.  The guys get real, but keep the fun in the mix in this great conversation with Eric Knight.


Episode 21 : Team Hustle #3: Fears & Doubts

In the newest "Team Hustle" episode we catch up with Daniel & Michael as they catch up with each other, as well as, reveal some changes and additions coming to "Hollywood Hustle".  They discuss why these changes are necessary and how they will not only benefit the show but the listeners and fans as well.  They also discuss the idea of holding yourself back from reaching your goals and actively pursuing your dreams.  Each member of Team Hustle will discuss with the others their own fears, doubts, and issues that they allow them to keep them further from their own goals.  Grab a tissue and something cute, it may get a little foggy when you listen to this one.


Episodes 22 & 23 : Writer/Director Alyssa Carter

Alyssa Carter made her way from San Jose to the City of Angels pursuing one dream, but finding something more.  Starting out in school plays Alyssa found herself doing it all in the arts at an early age.  Acting, writing and even directing without really knowing that she was preparing herself to accomplish things she didn't even know she wanted to achieve for a long while.  She has paid her dues as a PA, Intern & Student.  She has big dreams and a lot of drive.  Definitely worth a listen.

In "Act One", Daniel sits down for a one on one interview with Actress, Writer, Producer, Director and Entrepreneur Alyssa Carter.  Alyssa and Daniel discuss her journey from San Jose to LA as well as the evolution of her goals and careers.  From an actress to a writer to a producer and director and casting all the way to running her own company.  We break everything up, discuss it and then put it back together in this engaging conversation with a girl working hard to make it her way.

In "Act Two" with Alyssa Carter, Michael joins Daniel and Alyssa for a round-table discussion about the origins of their love for theater.  Where it really took hold of them and who mentored each of them through that discovery.  They talk more about building a network and how important a support system can be.  Finally, they talk about how they handle moments of fatigue and doubt.  Everyone has moments here in LA where everything seems so far off, so, they talk about how each of them deal with those feelings and recharge their batteries.  All of that and more in "Act Two"


Episodes 24 & 25 : Casting Producer Jazz Trice

Jazz Trice journey'd from VA to Northern California until finally landing in LA.  Moving to LA to pursue acting, Jazz eventually found that he had a knack for casting.  This time we venture into the realm of reality TV.  Jazz is currently working on such shows as A&E’s Intervention, Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian on E!, and FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen.  Not only is Jazz a genuinely nice guy and hard worker but he has an amazing talent of bringing out the best stories of people and helping others see the interesting stories in their own lives.

In "Act One" with Jazz we discuss Jazz's travels.  Balancing life as an actor and an athlete in school and what he learned from Track & Field that he still carries with him today.  We talk about his ventures into playwriting and directing, then of course the big move to Los Angeles with Hollywood Hustle's own Michael Lutheran.  From there we learn what helped Jazz survive in LA and how he found a calling in Casting.  Finally we delve behind the scenes of some of TV's most popular reality shows and how they find the unique characters millions of people just can't get enough of.  No one's voted off the island or evicted from a house, but the reality of this episode is that it is worth more then one listen.

In "Act Two" Hollywood Hustle Producer, Michael Lutheran, sits down with Jazz and Daniel for a fun and passionate round-table discussion.  First they discuss the need for Community support for the arts.  How important is a strong foundation to nurture and motivate someone to follow their passions?  What is it like to grow up in areas with very little, any support for the arts?  Next, we discuss the "Golden Age of Television", from "Lost" to "Breaking Bad", from Damon Lindelof to Shonda Rhimes we talk about it all.  What it means for Television's future and what could possibly come next.  Finally, we talk about how dreams can turn out not to be what you truly want.  How passions and career choices can evolve in change, sometimes in a moment.  All of that and so much more in this fantastic second act.  


Episodes 26 & 27: Actress/Cosplayer Ali Williams

Ali Williams started her Journey in Florida working as a model, from there she started working on camera and stage.  Somewhere down the line she realized the camera was her home.  So, she worked her butt off, sold her car and moved from the east coast to the west coast.  Here Ali has found success as an actress comfortable with her own style and making sure everyone knows who she is.  She has also become a popular professional cosplayer as well as an entrepreneur with her company "Princess and Me Parties".  Parties that teach kids manners, confidence and so much more.

In "Act One" Ali discusses her beginnings as a model and actor in Florida, why she decided to shift from theater to film and how hard she worked to prepare to move to LA. We talk about her first few experiences in LA, including a great run on “Let’s Make a Deal”, then Ali shares stories of getting her first agents and roles.  Finally we discuss Cosplay and the various reactions they receive, Ali’s company “Princess and Me Parties” and self-branding, something Ali does very well. So,  put on your favorite costume, get your hashtags ready and enjoy this fantastic interview with the energetic and positive, Ali Williams.

In "Act Two" Michael. Ali and Daniel talk about the discovery process of one’s own identity in Los Angeles, how you find it and what it can mean for you.  We also discuss Gamer-gate, which leads to a discussion about how female gamers and cos-players are viewed.  Including some crude message board posts from those who do not care for current female cos-players.  Finally, we delve into a discussion about self branding especially in the social media landscape, something Ali is very good at.  #Don’tMissAnyOfIt.


Episode 28 : Team Hustle #4: Agents, Managers & Submissions. Oh My!

After listening to our conversations with Alyssa Carter, Jazz Trice, and Ali Williams, we HAVE to unpack all of the knowledge and experience that they shared. That’s right, TEAM HUSTLE assembles once again for our 4th Team Hustle episode. Daniel and Michael will check in with more of what’s been going on with their personal journeys as well as dissect the commonalities and themes that were brought by our guests in the past three interviews. Then, returning guest Kaytra (Slaytra) Parkman, joins us for an eye-opening talk about the hustle of acquiring representation in this town.  Get that inquiry letter ready and make sure that media kit is on point, because Team Hustle is about open it's doors.

29 - Title w Quote.jpg

Episodes 29 & 30 : Marcus Friedlander & Nick Smith from the production company, "Leading Lobos"

Marcus Friedlander Started his life in Texas, Nick Smith began his in California.  Neither of them knowing for years how important the other would be to their lives and future careers.  Now they are Leading Lobos, an up-and-coming production company based in LA.  They have worked on several projects, including a sizzle reel for Hollywood Hustle's own Daniel and Michael.

In "Act One" Daniel sits down for a one on two interview with partners Nick Smith and Marcus Friedlander to discuss building a company from the ground up, how they each found a love for film, finding their paths to film school and what they want to do with their lives.  We also discuss working in a partnership. The pros, the cons, and what it takes to work through the good and the bad times.  These guys have hustled to build strong connections and a strong filmography, all while gaining a ton of experience.  You definitely do not want to miss this one.

In Act Two, we continue our conversation with Marcus Friedlander and Nick Smith, the founders of the L.A. based production company "Leading Lobos", this time we are joined by Producer Michael Lutheran.  In this episode we discuss the role film plays in our lives and why it is such a crucial art form in providing a safe space to initiate important conversations. Marcus and Nick speak on why Los Angeles is still VERY relevant in the world of production in Film and Television. Finally, we go around the table to share our Favorite movies, least favorite film, and those movies that we love despite what others say of the "so bad, it's good" variety.  So silence your cell phone, grab some popcorn and enjoy this exciting new episode with "Leading Lobos"


Episodes 31 & 32 : Actress Izzie Coffey & Mom, Shalon Coffey

Izzie Coffey began her career in the spotlight as a young model in GA and FL.  From Modeling she found a love for performing which lead her (and her mother) all the way to LA.  Most recently Izzie was seen in M. Night Shyamalan's "Split" playing a 5 year old Casey.  She has also been in several other commercials and movies including "Bad Girl" and "Cargo".  The first thing you notice about Izzie is her positivity and professionalism.  She is on and ready to go when it's time, but always ready to relax and have a laugh and some fun.

In Act One, Daniel sits down with Izzie to discuss growing up in a small town in GA, getting into modeling, and eventually moving to LA.  They also discuss how her family has supported her, how she took to acting and why she loves it so much.  Of course they discuss her role in split, the fast turn around from casting to on set how she remains a kind in this very professional and sometimes stressful business and her three tips for other kids wanting to get into the business.  Izzie was so amazing to talk to.  Her perspective on acting and LA is something you do not want to miss, so, don't.

In Act Two we switch it up and talked to Izzie’s Mom, Shalon Coffey.  This was an interesting conversation hearing from a mother who manages her daughter, but as her daughter not an actress.  We discuss dealing with stage moms, keeping Izzie grounded and teaching her lessons throughout this journey.  We talk about wearing several hats and how she shows Izzie support but always stays her mom.  This is such an informative and interesting look at being the parent of a child actress, you do not want to miss it.


Episodes 33 & 34 : Director/ Writer Todd & the return of Ashley Mary Nunes

Todd Nunes has been hustling towards his filmmaking dream for over 20 years.  He has worked hard to make his dreams come true and to do what he loves.  He has directed and written horror films such as: Scary LarryAll Through the House and the upcoming Death Ward 13.  Todd is the definition of why we started this podcast.  He has scraped and tirelessly worked to make the films he loves.

In "Act One" we discuss Todd's relationship with his sister and former guest Ashley Mary Nunes.  We discuss his journey from Vacaville, CA to Los Angeles, going to school to learn how to create what he loves, and how he always kept writing.  We discuss making his first film outside of school, Scary Larry, all the way to his newest film Death Ward 13.  We talk the horror genre, making a film on a small budget and gaining a loyal crew.  All of this and so much more.  Trust me, this is scary good.

In Act Two with Todd Nunes we decided to do something special for our first Halloween release.  Daniel, Michael, Todd and Ashley Mary Nunes set down and watched Todd and Ashley's favorite horror film, "Halloween".  We play the movie while we discuss the horror genre and offer fun facts about the film thanks to Ashley and Todd's knowledge.  We offer insights in the mind of the filmmaker and the killer, Michael Myers.  Finally, We ask why Michael is such a safe driver and Daniel and Todd begin discussing their new "Halloween: The Muscial" (Daniel Wish's this was happening) So, pop in "Halloween", start the podcast and join Team Hustle as they watch this horror classic with Todd and Ashley.


Episodes 35 & 36 : Actor/Entrepreneur AJ Jones

AJ Jones has found success as an actor and a writer in several cities.  Starting in Los Angeles, building his portfolio and talents.  Expanding to San Diego to grow even more, then finally finding a perfect fit in Atlanta, GA.  Jones has been in several TV Shows including "Being Mary Jane" and "Tyler Perry's If Loving You is Wrong."  He also starred in the production of "No Homo" which Co-Starred our very own Michael Lutheran.  AJ has been working on his own Sketch Pilot called "Freeman Jones" and starting a Reel Recording studio in Atlanta called Nova House: Atlanta.

In Act One with AJ Jones we track AJ's journey from Orlando, FL.  We discuss learning to survive and grow as an actor in Los Angeles.  Then we discuss working in other cities like San Diego and Atlanta and how they compare to Los Angeles.  We discuss the current film boom in Atlanta, what enticed AJ to make that his new base of operations and what new opportunities it offered him.  This is a fantastic interview on making it somewhere completely unexpected.  Grab a peach, some sweet tea and enjoy.  

In Act Two Michael joins AJ and Daniel to discuss whether aspiring screen actors should do theater or not and why it's such a taboo to some agents in LA.  We delve more into the rise of the film industry in Atlanta with Walking Dead, Marvel and several other properties shooting there.  We also debate and compare living in LA to living in other cities.  Cost, creative community, collaboration, and ease are all discussed.  This is a fun round-table that you will not want to miss.


Episodes 37 : Thanksgiving Hustle

It's that time of the year.  The turkey is basting, the yams smell delicious and the family is arguing about something pretty stupid, but they are family so it's okay.  Thanksgiving is here (in America) so Daniel and Michael decided to record a special Turkey Day episode of H.H.  They discuss and wrap up the last four interview series with Leading Lobos, Izzie Coffey, Todd Nunes and AJ Jones.  They discuss their Thanksgiving traditions, food and plans for this year.  Finally they share some of the things they are thankful for this year.  So grab a plate of turkey, stuffing and lots of gravy.  Put on your stretchiest pants and find a comfy seat before the "big game" and enjoy this Thanksgiving episode with Team Hustle.  Oh, and...



Episodes 38 : Team Hustle: A Year in Review (w/ Ali Williams)

The end of the year is always a time for introspection.  Looking back at what we did right, what we got wrong and how we grew over the year.  Daniel & Michael are joined by former guest and friend of the show Ali Williams (Cosplayer, Actress, Model, Business Owner) to discuss their personal journey's through 2017, the the evolution of the show itself, but first we take some time to address the whirlwind of sexual harassment and assault allegations spreading through Hollywood.  We discuss the #MeToo movement and what we as an industry and possibly a society can do better.  So sit back, grab some champagne and let's celebrate this past year and look forward to 2018!!


Episodes 39 : Team Hustle: The Holiday Hustle

It's the holidays!!  Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate it's here!!  Daniel and Michael sit down and discuss their family's holiday traditions, favorite memories, Holiday movies, and of course presents!!  It's the final Hollywood Hustle Podcast of the year and we're going to go out having fun with the two guys who make it all happen.  So grab your gingerbread cookies, your eggnog, and make sure you stay nice for this fun Holiday themed finale episode!!


Episodes 40 & 41 : YouTube Channel: Lessons From The Screenplay’s Michael Tucker

In Act One with the creator of the popular YouTube channel, "Lessons From The Screenplay", Michael Tucker.  Michael talks to Daniel about growing up in Pleasant Hill, near the Bay Area.  Discovering film and forcing friends to be in his home movies.  We discuss going to film school and not always following the assignment parameters.  They discuss Directing, Writing, Michael's creative collective he started with friends and of course his hit channel "Lessons From The Screenplay" or LFTS for short.  Michael discusses where the idea came about, how he's learned from it, how it's evolved, maintaining the channel and starting a Pattern to support it.  Michael is incredibly knowledgable and kind.  You do not want to miss this.

We're back with "Lessons From The Screenplay" YouTube Channel Creator, Director and Writer, Michael Tucker.  In "Act Two", it's Michael squared as our Producer, Michael Lutheran, joins Daniel and Michael Tucker to discuss how storytelling and films impacted us, it gets a little misty folks.  We also discuss tips for looking for jobs in LA and how we've evolved as storytellers.  What how we've grown, what and who helped us and how are we sharing that growth with others.  Don't miss this personal, but very fun episode.

Make sure to check out Michael's channel.  You can check out "Lessons From The Screenplay" below.


Mike Tobias.jpg

Episodes 42 & 43 : Producer/Poet Mike Tobias

We are back with a NEW episode this week!

Our newest guest is one of Daniel's best friends (and enemies) from Texas, Mike Tobias.  Mike Tobias is an incredibly well-read and knowledgable Producer, Writer, and Poet.  He co-created, Produced and wrote the very popular Web-Series, "Buffering", starring previous guest, and friend of the show, Curt Mega.  Co-wrote an award winning short film, "American Dynasty" and published a collection book of poems titled, "A Place Where Runaways Hide."

We discuss Mike's journey from Arlington, Texas, where he developed a love of acting, improv and sketch comedy, all the way to Los Angeles and how he and his friends hit the ground running to begin their Hollywood Hustle.  We discuss the creation of a web series from concept to execution, the prides and pains of producing a project, what led him to poetry and how he balances all of his goals.  Oh, Mike also designs websites, like ours, anyone else feel like they're not doing enough.  Don't feel bad, we do to.  Mike shares his love of all of his passions and it will inspire you to finally make, write, start that thing you've been holding off. 

It's "Act Two" with Mike Tobias!!  Michael joins Daniel and Michael (we really need another Daniel on this show :-) ) to discuss the evolution of poetry and if it still has meaning in the modern era.  They also discuss poetry far reaching the actual genre of poetry and how varied it actually can be while reading excepts from Mike's newest book.  They discuss filming in Los Angeles. What does it cost?  How do you do it legally?  How do you "borrow" locations and should you?  Finally, they discuss how moving to Los Angeles can change you, what it can take away from you and how it can reward you.

Don't miss this fantastic discussion on art and life.  It is worth the listen.

Watch the first episode of "Buffering" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2jv_zt2c8s

Purchase Mike's Collection of Poetry here: https://tinyurl.com/y7xbl8mz


Episode 44: Team Hustle #8: Bean Boozled Challenge (w/Mike Tobias)

We finish the "Marathon of Mike's" with a fun (and gross) filled Team Hustle.  Daniel and Michael are not alone, they are joined by special guest, Mike Tobias.  Daniel apparently was hit in the head and thought it'd be fun to torture himself and his friends with several challenges where the losers must test their luck with a box of "Bean Boozled" Jelly beans.  The guys play: "Never Have I Ever", "Random Trivia" and more to find out who eats a bean each round.  Michael scream in horror, does Mike ever get a good bean or does Daniel cry. You'll have to listen to find out.

The blue bean could be Blue Berry or Toothpaste, the white bean could be coconut or spoiled milk, you won't know until you eat the bean. Enjoy?


Episodes 45 & 46 : "Inside Acting" Podcast's Trevor Algatt

When we started this podcast we set out to find the real stories of those struggling, those hustling, those putting all of themselves to find themselves and their own path.  We have had so many fantastic Interviews in the last 44 episodes.  This week we find ourselves elevated to a whole new level of conversation.

 Daniel set down with Actor, V.O. Coach, Activist and Co-Host of the podcast, "Inside Acting", Trevor Algatt, and it is almost hard to put the power of this interview into words.  We discuss: Trevor's beginnings in theater and the arts, his love for swimming which challenged him to continually be the best, how he started out in Los Angeles, Acting on a show where he had to prank an un-expecting mother and how he was inspired to begin teaching voice over classes.  We also discuss the benefits of a morning routine, Trevor's transition period and of course we talk about his wildly popular podcast "Inside Acting".  

We also discuss the idea of "being in transition", moving on from one part of your life and exploring the next.  This is one of the most moving parts of any conversation we have had. 

We truly hope you will take the time to listen to the wisdom and thoughts shared by Trevor in this powerful and moving interview.  Get ready for the feels and enjoy.


Episodes 47 & 48 : Actress/Podcaster, Grace Gordon

Recently Daniel worked in a feature film with former guest on the show Curt Mega and Photographer Eric Carroll.  At one of the shoots Daniel had the chance to meet a beautiful human being, fantastic actress and fellow podcaster, Grace Gordon.  Other than having a kick-ass, comic book-type name, Grace has been acting since she was a wee lass living in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania, Grace quit school at 15 to fully pursue an artistic life.  She started booking several jobs around Philly while working in a unique bookstore.  She also started a book themed podcast called the "Book Jawn Podcast".  Grace recently celebrated her milestone one year anniversary and is definitely on the right track in LA.  Since moving here she has continued booking gigs, practicing her craft, reading any book she can get her hands on, producing her own sizzle reel for a possible future acting gig and truly loving every minute of living out her dream.

In Act Two, Daniel and Grace continue their conversation, discussing the topic of Beauty, Health & the changing views of both.  Daniel and Grace talk about their personal experiences fighting their own body images, including bullying, stress and the cost of "looking the part."  The topic of the cost of fitness and health are brought up, discussing the idea that "it's cheaper to be fat".  Grace and Daniel also discuss books and the power they hold to transform lives.  Where they started the journey in the world of imagination ignited by books, how books have inspired them, motivated them and taught them lessons they carry to this day.  They also discuss the concept that "audiobooks are less then reading the physical book." Do not miss this personal look at beauty and the struggle to appease society as well as a joyful celebration for reading and the power of literature.


Episodes 49 & 50 : Actor/Podcaster, AJ Meijer

A few weeks ago we began our Inside Acting Podcast Hustle Tour two part conversation with Trevor Algatt where we discussed being in transition, finding a healthy life balance and more, make sure to check out those episodes if you haven’t.  This week we begin our conversation with AJ Meijer.  AJ is a California native built to be a bad guy, but really has a heart of gold.

In Act One, AJ and Daniel discuss growing up in CA, finding a love and passion for acting at a young age, developing a selection of plays from improving scenes, and hustling between LA and New York where AJ was in the Off Broadway Musical Heathers, from that we discuss adjusting to a new city, it’s energy and how to handle failure.  So grab a notepad, some hockey pads, and an iPad to be ready for Act One of our conversation with Actor, Podcaster and go to bad guy AJ Meijer

Wow!!  We have hit episode 50!!  We can't even believe it, but we are incredibly grateful to still be bringing amazing stories from those looking to live their dreams.  Thank you for sticking with us these last fifty episodes and for sticking with us through the next fifty!  We love you all.  Act Two continues Daniel's conversation with Inside Acting's co-host AJ Meijer.  AJ talks to Daniel about meeting his "Inside Acting Podcast" co-host Trevor Algatt and saying yes to the opportunity to how IAP when Trevor asked.  Delve a little into how IAP works, how they formed the team they currently have, what it's like working with a group of people in a creative collaboration and interviewing some of the knowledgable guests that they have had on the show.  Daniel and AJ also discuss working on creating a healthy morning routine, how AJ defines "success" as well as AJ "Digital Actor" workshops.  Finally they cover how AJ handles struggles including the struggles on LA life.

So grab a notepad, some hockey pads, and an iPad to be ready for our conversation with Actor, Podcaster and go to bad guy AJ Meijer.


Inside Podcasting 7.jpg

Ep. 51 - Team Hustle #7: Inside Podcasting

This week, we bring the IAPHustleTour to an epic finale!  Michael returns with Daniel, as well as both hosts of Inside Acting, Trevor Algatt and AJ Meijer for a very special Team Hustle episode.

As the name suggests, we break down the science of podcasting.  The Do’s, the Dont’s, the questions you should consider when starting a show, and the lessons we have learned during our own podcast journeys.

From the informative to the very personal, this episode is one that you do NOT want to miss.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 6.58.02 PM.png

Ep. 52 - Actress/Singer/Activist Moon McMillan and Sir

We are seeing something rise up in the youth in America.  Standing up, speaking out, building movements and outlets for change.  Today we have one of those youths on the show.  Moon McMillan is a 19 year old Actor, writer and singer living in Compton, CA.  She also is the founder of the film outreach program, "Young Moviemakers of America".  A program that provides workshops for youths to teach them how to the THEIR stories through film.  Moon has found ways to partner with companies and reach out and grab the attention of those who have inspired her, like Ava DuVernay and Jordan Peele for assistance, support and wisdom.  We talk to Moon about her journey through the arts, finding her passion, dealing with being the only person of color in a film class with unique stories to tell.  We talk about music, her program and a huge inspiration for her, Grey's Anatomy.  Finally, our producer Michael Lutheran and Moon's Brother, Sir, join the conversation to discuss how surroundings impact your life and how you can impact your surroundings and those close to you.

Do not miss this powerful conversation.  So, grab your camera, your laser pointer and your "Seattle Grace is My Hospital" shirt and enjoy our conversation with Moon McMillan and Sir.


Eps. 53 & 54 - Producer/Actress/Writer Alexandra Boylan

This week we begin our interview with Actress, Writer and Producer Alexandra Boylan.  Alexandra came to Hollywood at the age of 19 to pursue dreams of building a career in the entertainment industry and she did it...10 years later and in Albuquerque New Mexico.  

In Act One we talk to Alexandra about: discovering film and imagination, moving to Los Angeles, Producing a Play with a friend, what pushed her to move away from the city of angels to Albuquerque and how that gave her a completely new start.  We begin to learn that sometimes the path to your dream is not always a straight and obvious path.  That we all find our own way, our own way.

In Act Two we talk to Alexandra about: What she learned and how she grew in Albuquerque, NM., How she Produced her first film there, what brought her back to L.A, how she's been able to make and sale several more films, what continues pushing her to grow and her new book, "Create Your Own Career in Hollywood: Advice from a Struggling Actress Who Became a Successful Producer".

Don’t miss this Inspiring interview, with a free class in producing films, that will remind you that the paths towards our dreams are definitely not straight lines, you never know what will lead you to success.


Eps. 55 & 56 - Casting Associate & Documentary Filmmaker, Beth Ryne

We are bringing you the story of an amazing person and tireless hustler.  Casting Associate and Documentary Filmmaker, Beth Ryne.  Beth has worked on several shows including Netflix's Altered Carbon and Amazon's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.  Recently Beth stepped a little closer to the camera by creating and directing her first documentary film, Feeling Seen.  

In Act One with Beth we discuss her obsession with casting productions when she was young and her stacks of casting binders.  We discuss her journey into casting rooms and how she took every chance possible to learn from those more knowledgable.  Finally, we get some inside tips on running a casting session, the Do's and the Don't's as well as advice for actors from the other side of the table with Beth telling us what she loves about actors. 

 In Act Two our Producer Michael Lutheran joins Beth and Daniel for an exciting roundtable discussion.  The three discuss the importance of gaining experience by starting at the bottom, How to go from un-paid intern to paid employee.  They discuss Beth's upcoming documentary Feeling Seen, which discusses the impact of film and televisions' previous representation of lesbians which is followed by a deeper conversation about LGBTQ representation in media, bullying and finding peace with you.  Finally and we talk about our favorite casts of all time in TV and Film.

Do not miss either part of our conversation with Beth Ryne, that we guarantee will touch anyone with a working heart.


Eps. 57 & 58 - Professional Host, Model and Podcaster, Meghan Lamontagne

In Act One, we are excited to introduce you to the incredibly positive, hard working, and talented, Meghan Lamontagne.  Meghan came to la la land from Pelham NH, but she did not come here to be a Actor, a screenwriter, or even a Director.  She came her to Host and she is damn good at it.  From the “Pretty little liars” after show, her own Mega-Boss blogs and videos, working for disney and NASCAR, to currently being one of the three hosts of the fantastic female empowerment podcast, “Boss, Please”.  Meghan has truly worked her craft and proven how Boss your hustle can be.

In Act Two, we continue our chat with Host, Model and Podcaster, Meghan Lamontagne and we are joined by TWO more radical peeps.  Show producer Michael Lutheran and one of Meghan's "Boss, Please" co-hosts and Editorial Manager of Perez Hilton, Jillian Leff.  In this round-table we talk about using the podcast medium to empower others.  We also go into a deep conversation about the #MeToo Movement and how we can all work to make change for the better.  The conversation gets deep with several great opinions and a great example of active listening to those with different views then yourself.   Finally we talk about finding your role in a collaboration and how sometimes it can be a lot simpler than you think.  Do not miss either of these fun, informative and deep conversations with the ladies of "Boss, Please", Meghan Lamontagne and Jillian Leff.

Check out "Boss, Please" Podcast on itunes, Spotify and IHeartRadio.


Ep. 59 - Team Hustle #8: Tales of Failure, Japan and Best Friends, feat. Team Hustle O.G., Kel Tirados

When Hollywood Hustle Podcast began, we released two episodes a week.  TWO EPISODES!!!  We were insane, well if the question, "Who was crazier, Don Quixote or Sancho Panza?" is accurate, than the true crazy one, was anyone who followed and enabled this crazy decision.  One of those crazy people was HHP original sound engineer, Kel Tirados.

This week we are bringing you a special Team Hustle Episode where Daniel gets to take a little break while Michael takes the reigns.  Michael takes a trip back to last year by interviewing Kel, not just a former team member, but, a longtime friend of Michael's.  

Kel is an entrepreneur, fantastic editor and an all around great guy who packed up his life and moved all the way to Japan. Michael and Kel talk about finding friendship through community theatre, Kel's passion for music and film, the lessons he learned that drove (or flew him) to embrace his dream of moving to Japan and a lot more.  Do not miss this inside look into one of the OG Members of Team Hustle, Kel Tirados.

Brian Peters.png

Ep. 60 - The Social Media Hustle w/ Buffers' Brian G. Peters

This week we enter, THE FUTURE!!!  We are finally bringing you the first interview we ever recorded (even before last week's Team Hustle interview) between two different time zones!!  We are moving on up.

We want to introduce you to the Digital Marketing Strategist for the scheduling and posting platform, Buffer, Brian G. Peters.  Brian is also the host of the popular Buffer podcast The Science of Social media, where Brian and his Co-Host, Hailley, break down news, analytical reports and anything else social media.  Brian has led talks at several conference and has taught workshops, including a popular online course on the website, SkillShare.  

We discuss  Brian's journey to his focus on Digital Marketing and Social Media.  We talk about what he finds fascinating about social media, his joinery to working and the responsibilities he takes on for buffer and what it's like to have a job where you can literally make your office anywhere.  We also interrogate, con and squeeze all kinds of tips, advice and thoughts on how YOU can improve your social media hustle.

You do not want to miss this educational episode, focusing on something that's becoming more and more relevant and important in any person's hustle.

Check out Brian's podcast "The Science of Social Media" on iTunes.


Eps. 61 & 62 - Actress & Singer, Gigi Cesare

We continue our exploration of the perspective of entertainment through the point of view of varying ages.  Last year we brought you the journey of 8 year old, Izzie Coffey, who supported in the blockbuster hit, Split.  

This year we are bringing you 12 Year Old Gigi Cesare.  She has been in several films, including her stand out hits, The Kids from Planet 62-F and Street.  She is a recording artist as well as a social media influencer and an advocate against bullying.

In Gigi's Act One we discuss her journey from Los Angeles to Nevada.  We discuss her introduction into acting and how she clung onto it quite quickly.  We discuss how early recognition affected her personal life and how she dealt with bullying from fellow classmates.  We also discuss how she handles herself in school, at auditions and on-set.  Finally, we discuss her music career and how she engages with all of her fans over social media.

In Act Two Gigi Cesare and Daniel are joined by Michael and one of Gigi’s closest friends, Charlotte, for a fantastic roundtable discussion about the impact artists can make by using their voice to Inspire change, knowing what's best for you and they dig deep and share their views on bullying.

Do not miss the fresh view of the business and the hustle through a different generation.


Ep. 63 - Team Hustle #9: The Halfway There Check-in

We are back from our holiday break and half-way through season two of the show.  We have had some great episodes so far this year, including some fun and different Team Hustle Episodes.  We ate gross jelly beans with Mike Tobias, we discussed the ins and outs of podcasting with the hosts of "Inside Acting Podcast" and we delve deeper into our own team with the interview with our former Sound Engineer, Kel Tirados.

Now, we felt it was time to take a breath, get back to basics and check in with the journey of our hosts, Daniel Tuttel and Michael Lutheran.  

Michael and Daniel discuss their general thoughts on our most recent interviews this season and, with the help of a listener message, come to the realization of a forming theme this season.  Our Hustle Heroes share more about where they are with their journeys this year, career-wise and delving deep into how the hustle can cause some emotional whirlwinds.  

So, sit back, relax grab a cold drink and a comfy blanket and check in with Daniel and Michael in this halfway point Team Hustle.


Eps. 64, 65 & 66: Actress, Voice-Over Artist & Coach, Shelly Shenoy

We are excited to introduce you to the super talented Shelly Shenoy.  Shelly is an incredibly accomplished voice over actress in multiple mediums and a fantastic Voice Over Coach.  She has worked on such shows as “Casper the Friendly Ghost” where she has voiced over 25 characters. She’s also featured on TellTale’s The Walking Dead Video Game where she has also worked as their ”Loop Group” director on several games.  Recently she was the Vocal Director for the Netflix Animated Movie: Gnome Alone.

In Act One, Shelly discusses moving around the country and how that affected her ability to find stability.  Daniel attempts to join her funny family hoping to become the food face sculptor champion, Shelly discusses her educational set-backs, how she ended up touring the country and how that taught her a common theme in her life.  Make it work.  

In Act Two you'll hear all about how she adapted to New York City - finding work to support her acting career, joining the comedy troupe "The Brothel" sketch comedy troupe and utilizing the skills she gained in Young Americans to help grow the popularity of her troupe in and out of New York City.  Finally, you'll hear about Shelly's struggle with finding representation and the new lesson that taught her which would lead her to more opportunities then she'd have ever dreamed.  Sit back, pop on some headphones and enjoy Act Two of our interview with Shelly Shenoy  

In Act Three, we finish up our conversation with Shelly as we delve into the work of a Voice-Over Artist and Coach.  We discuss how she won roles and then worked hard to be given even more roles and opportunities.  We discuss different avenues for work in the Voice-Over arena and how Shelly's DIY attitude and risk taking helped her receive more and more opportunities.  Finally we discuss her website www.vonyccoach.com, what she teaches students, how she approaches her teaching and what she has found helps artist in general the most.

Do not miss Shelly's Amazing journey as we follow her through the ends and outs of her career and how her DIY and Make It Work attitudes got her the success she has found today.


Eps. 67 & 68: Orange is the New Black's, Jason Altman

We were excited to talk to Stage & Screen Actor, Jason Altman.  Jason is a born and raised New Yorker who you probably have seen in several of your favorite shows including: White CollarThe FollowingThe Blacklist and most recently as the villainous, Herrman on Netflix's Orange is the New Black.

In Act One, we discuss Jason's beginnings, his relationship with his parents and how they each influenced not only his growth, but his strong, get out there and get it, work ethic.  We discuss his journey through school, how he discovered theater and how he decided after his first year of college to finally actively pursue acting as a living.  

In Act Two, we finish our conversation with Jason Altman as we discuss the meat of his profession.  Jason shares his way of approaching characters on and off stage, how one should handle themselves on set, his role of Herrman on Orange is the New Black and of course Jason becomes the next contestant to play the Myspace Quiz.  

Jason's story is not only a true testament of not giving up on your dream, but also how being a good person, networking and relationships can and will always be the best way to move forward in your career.  Do not miss the incredible journey and successes of Jason Altman!!


Ep. 69: Team Hustle #10: "Know Your Partner" Quiz, ft. Kel Tirados

When Hollywood Hustle Podcast began, we released two episodes a week.  TWO EPISODES!!!  We were insane, well if the question, "Who was crazier, Don Quixote or Sancho Panza?" is accurate, than the true crazy one, was anyone who followed and enabled this crazy decision.  One of those crazy people was HHP original sound engineer, Kel Tirados.

This week we return to last year where, after discussing Kel's Journey (As heard in Ep. 59: Team Hustle #8), Michael brought back a favorite of the show from our first "Team Hustle", the "Know Your Partner" quiz.  This time Michael takes on Kel.  They call themselves "Best Friends", but how much do they really know about each other now?

Find out this week as we take a trip back to earlier this year and back to Japan with our amazing friend, Kel Tirados


Eps. 70 & 71: Stand-Up Comedian & Actor, Eddie Furth

This week we want to introduce you to our good friend, Stand-Up Comedian and Actor, Eddie Furth. Eddie started out performing plays on the east coast until he found a love, and knack, for Stand-Up Comedy.  Since that time Eddie has launched several incredibly popular shows in Los Angeles including his two longest running shows: Fictional Comedy Roasts and Historical Comedy Roast.

In Act One with Eddie, we discuss growing up on the east coast, nurturing a love for performing and finding his true calling in Stand-Up Comedy.  We then learn about Eddie's move to Los Angeles and the challenge and hustle of pursuing Stand-Up Comedy there.

In Act Two with Eddie, we discuss his move and adjustment to life in LA, especially how the stand-up scene differs from west coast and east coast. We also discuss his struggles in life, from making ends meet to his health. Finally, we discuss two of Eddie’s most popular shows, “Historical Roast” and “Fictional Roast.

Eddie is funny, charming and completely open about his struggles, failures and successes.  Do not miss this funny and real journey of Eddie Furth. 


Ep. 72: Social Media Coach, Heidi Dean

We are so excited to head back to New York City this week to introduce you to Heidi Dean. Heidi is the industry’s top social media expert for actors and the creator of Marketing4Actors.com and the 21-Day Social Rockstar Challenge. She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and was a working, professional SAG and AEA actor for over 20 years. Combining her years of industry experience with cutting-edge social media strategy, she helps you leverage the power of social media to open more doors for your acting career. Her clients include Emmy Award winners, Broadway stars, recording artists, directors, producers, filmmakers and actors just like you. Heidi turns social media rookies into ROCKSTARS!

In this special episode with Heidi, we discuss Heidi’s origins that led her to the world of acting, theater and film. We delve a little into her life as an actor in LA and then follow her across the country to New York City. We also discuss what drew her to social media marketing and how she built her company Marketing4Actors.com.

Heidi understands what it takes to be an actor in this digital age and we get her to offer some amazing advice, FOR FREE!! Do not miss this next episode. Trust us.


Eps. 73 & 74: Actress, Producer and Founder of “Ms. in the Biz”, Helenna Santos

Helenna Santos is an actor, writer and producer with Mighty Pharaoh Films, an independent film production company she runs with her husband Barry W. Levy. She is the Founder of "Ms. In The Biz" and can often be found on panels at conventions such as San Diego "Comic-Con," and has been interviewed by major press outlets including CNN. Her latest projects, the feature films "At Your Own Risk" and an Unititled Sci- Fi/Horror movie which she produced and stars in, will both be releasing in 2018.

In Act One, we discuss Helenna’s beginnings. Her start in California and then we follow her around the US and then all the up to Vancouver, CA. We discuss Helenna’s entrance into acting and the development of her love for it. Of course, we discuss Helenna’s pursuit of her acting dreams. We discuss the struggles, triumphs and multiple frustrations that comes from the daily hustle.

In Act Two, we discuss what it means to be a producer, and an actress on a set, then we discuss Helenna’s incredibly popular blog, “Ms. in the Biz” and how knowledge outlets like Ms. and HHP sharing the life of the industry are incredibly important. Finally, we discuss the importance of overall diversity and opportunity in the industry.

Do not miss this engaging interview with a true female filmmaker powerhouse and amazing artist, Helenna Santos.


Ep. 75: 2nd Annual Halloween Commentary Special w/ Ashley Mary & Todd Nunes: The Conjuring

Last year we set down with Brother/Sister duo Ashley Mary & Todd Nunes, Ashley is an actress and professional cosplayer who was featured in two episode in season one. Todd Nunes is a Writer/Director also featured in season one. We were able to sit with them last year to watch the original “Halloween”, this year we decided to move to a modern classic-to-be, “The Conjuring”.

We discuss some of the facts, not only behind the making of the film, but also behind the actually case the film is based on. We also get the chance to catch up to Ashley and Todd and she where there Hustle has taken them.

So grab some popcorn, pop on netflix and turn the lights out. We’re going to watch, “The Conjuring”.


Ep. 76: Actors & Producers, Greg and Jenn Crafts

For our final interview of Season 2, which is crazy to write, we are bringing you an interview two years in the scheduling and a preview of our Season 3 episode structure. Over the last two seasons you’ve heard our Producer, Michael Lutheran, discuss his membership with the theater troupe, “Theatre Unleashed”, as well as his performances at the Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. Both of these theater establishments are owned and run by the Husband and Wife team of Greg and Jenn Crafts. Greg is an incredible writer and actor, as well as super handy behind the scenes, Jenn Crafts is an amazingly talented actress and producer. From their separate journeys from the east coast, their “meet-cute” in Los Angeles and their journey together through the LA Theater scene we get an inside look at how those close to us can make us stronger and how crazy running your own theater can be.

Do not miss this amazing love story and the knowledge of life living in the LA theater scene.


Ep. 77: Team Hustle #11: 2018 Year In Review (Season 2 Finale)

This year has been an incredible year of change and growth for the show and Team Hustle. We have talked to YouTubers, Actors, Writers, Casting Associates & so many more throughout the year, exploring the many avenues, struggles and changes in this crazy industry.

This week we wrap up the season with several returning guests: Writer & Producer, Alyssa Carter from Season 1, Poet & Screenwriter, Mike Tobias and Actor & Producer, Alexandra Boylan from Season 2. We discuss where are journey’s have taken us thus far, what we are all currently working on, the current state of the industry and Michael and Daniel share some of the changes coming to the show in 2019. From the good times to the hard times, the struggles and successes of this year we open up about it all. 2018 has been the year of growth and finding our place. 2019 will be the year this show becomes what it was born to be. Do not miss it.

BONUS EPISODE - After our “Year in Review” conversation Michael & Daniel decided to bring back a fan favorite game, Bean Boozled. Alyssa Carter & Alexandra Boylan joined Daniel, Michael and Mike Tobias in some fun and eating of some disgusting beans in this incredibly fun and funny bonus episode.

Enjoy and we will see you in 2019!!


Ep. 78: Team Hustle #12: "Unbreakable" commentary, comics, early 2000's and More!!

“Wait, they’re opening the season with a Team Hustle episode?”, is what we are sure you just asked yourself out-loud in front several people, causing an awkward moment of silence between everyone around.

Do not worry!! We will break that silence with this fun commentary episode as Daniel and Michael prepare themselves for the new film, Glass, by gushing over how awesome and underrated one of their favorite movies, M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, is. For those unaware of this movie from 2000, here is a short synopsis:

“Unbreakable is a riveting story shared by two men. David Dunn, a man from a blue-collar neighborhood in Philadelphia emerges unharmed as the sole survivor of a devastating train accident. Enter Elijah Price, a mysterious stranger who offers a bizarre explanation as to why David escaped without a single scratch, an explanation that threatens to change David's family and life forever.”

Michael and Daniel discuss how Unbreakable has impacted them, discuss the cinematography, the allusions to comic books and how it is the first great modern comic book film.